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Video Education for our soon-to-be Certified Boaters

There is a reason why your here: To Learn from their mistakes. 
Let's be safe out there!

Cruise Ship vs PWC: Phew!

The sailboat and the ferry: Who wins?

When things go wrong! And you can laugh!

When things go wrong: At the boat ramp

Stay away from that dam!   WHY!

Improper use of a swim platform: Why you should wear a PFD

Observing regulatory and informational buoys: Can keep you safe!

Proper techniques at the boat ramp: Are not always practiced!

Gas fumes and a match are not so perfect together! Why? 

Low head dams and why they are dangerous. See why!   

Understanding low head dams: The real danger.

Why boating class and life jackets are so important. 

Alcohol and boating: Just don't mix!